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Oh, Korea

As somebody who relies on my supposed knowledge of the English language to earn a paycheck every month I should support stuff like this, but I really, truly don’t: “Imposing curfew on students who receive low scores on their English … Continue reading

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All The Sushis

(Boss is taking us to lunch today for a meeting. I _think_ we're going to ALL YOU CAN EAT CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI RESTAURANT YOU GUYS!) — James of Thrones (@wetcasements) June 3, 2016 Sometimes in South Korea, life is very … Continue reading

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Trump Ruins Everything

How a Trump presidency would destabilize Asia, and South Korea in particular: “Whatever choices are debated within Japan, other nations in Asia would be highly sensitive to a Japan untethered from the United States. A kaleidoscopic series of changes in attitudes … Continue reading

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Daegu, South Korea. I met some friends downtown last Friday.  Beer drinking weather.  It was good.

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Music and Memory

“March for the Beloved” Controversy has erupted over plans to commemorate the Gwangju Massacre.  In particular, people are angry that the singing of the song above will no longer be mandatory: “The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs issued a … Continue reading

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“hell within a hell”

In 1975, South Korean president Park Chung-hee, father of the current president, decided that the cities needed to be cleansed of “vagrants.”  According to an AP investigation, unimaginable horror ensued: “In 1975, dictator President Park Chung-hee, father of current President … Continue reading

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Ramyon Wars

Today’s college lesson plan revolved around restaurants and food, so I had them break into teams and come up with the best recipe for making ramyon. I swear to the FSM blood was almost spilled.  The “cheese or no cheese” … Continue reading

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Incheon Airport Blues

Incheon Airport, the main international hub in South Korea and an institution that many Koreans take a lot of pride in, is suffering from huge delays for foreigners going through immigration : “However, according to the Immigration Office, the extra booths … Continue reading

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New Samsung Stadium

Without a doubt, baseball in South Korea is a glorious, noisy, fried-chicken fueled thing.  And this year Daegu’s club, the Samsung Lions, have moved into a shiny new mega-stadium on the outskirts of town (as opposed to their older, charming, … Continue reading

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Getting Your Read On In South Korea

I don’t think I’ve ever given a shout-out to What The Book?, a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seoul that also delivers throughout Korea.  Their selection is really impressive (they had this FFS) and it you’re looking for dead-tree publications they’re going to … Continue reading

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