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Daegu, South Korea. I met some friends downtown last Friday.  Beer drinking weather.  It was good. Advertisements

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New Samsung Stadium

Without a doubt, baseball in South Korea is a glorious, noisy, fried-chicken fueled thing.  And this year Daegu’s club, the Samsung Lions, have moved into a shiny new mega-stadium on the outskirts of town (as opposed to their older, charming, … Continue reading

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Daegu, South Korea.

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If You Didn’t Know Already, I’m A Hopeless Romantic And An Idiot

ORIOLES ARE 4-0 ORIOLES ARE 4-0 KEN SINGLETON GARY ROENICKE KEN SINGLETON GARY ROENICKE!!! — Cruelest Month James (@wetcasements) April 9, 2016 In local news, this Thursday night I’m going to my first ball game at Daegu’s new, ultra-luxe “Samsung … Continue reading

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Daegu, South Korea.

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So Cold I Want To Hibernate Updates

Trip Shakespeare, “Snow Days” It actually doesn’t snow that all much in lovely South Korea, and especially in Daegu because we’re surrounded by mountains (if that makes any sense).  But damn, it’s cold. I have one more class with my … Continue reading

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Swamp Season

Wow, two incredibly fighty and negative posts in a row. I blame summer in Daegu.  It’s really frugging hot out there.  It’s really frugging humid.

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“I’ve Got Class Like Pink Champale”

Beastie Boys, “Ch-Check It Out” live It’s Children’s Day here in lurvely Daegu, South Korea, and the weather is perfect.  I had a marathon day of grading midterms yesterday and I’m more tired than I should be, but I managed … Continue reading

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Miles Davis, “Maiysha” It took a while, but Spring finally made it to lurvely Daegu.

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Daegu, South Korea.

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