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So there’s a bit of a kerfuffle in baseball.  At the young age of 42 Marlin’s outfielder Ichiro Suzuki recorded his 4,257th career hit and moved ahead of Pete Rose on the all-time list.  Problem is, 1,278 of those came … Continue reading

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The Greatest

“They never called me nigger.  They never lynched me.  They didn’t put no dogs on me.” RIP, The Greatest.

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Kim Hyun-soo hit his first major league homer for the Orioles and got the “silent treatment” from his teammates. A pretty cool moment.  Dude is hitting .383.

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“bipolar opps met / under sodium lamps”

Wire, “Nocturnal Koreans” I’ve got no idea what this song is supposed to be about, but I like it. Meanwhile, the semester is hurtling towards its conclusion yet again.  It’s early May, so the weather is still nice and spring-y, … Continue reading

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New Samsung Stadium

Without a doubt, baseball in South Korea is a glorious, noisy, fried-chicken fueled thing.  And this year Daegu’s club, the Samsung Lions, have moved into a shiny new mega-stadium on the outskirts of town (as opposed to their older, charming, … Continue reading

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Pinch Me

The Orioles are 6-0.  I can’t even. And Kim Hyun-soo got his first major league hit(s).

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“the archetype of the white baseball player”

Jay Kang on baseball’s whiteness problem: “The Griffey showdown was one in a long line of coded racial arguments, minor battles between two types: the ‘standard’ white player and his nonwhite foil. The archetype of the white baseball player has … Continue reading

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Trying to figure out if the Orioles will wait until before of after the All Star Game to break my wittle heart. — Peep Slayer James (@wetcasements) March 31, 2016 Spring comes to Daegu, South Korea. Meanwhile, my local Korean … Continue reading

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Soccer Not Football

I’ve defended Klinsmann a lot but now, with the prospect of not making the World Cup looming for the US men, maybe I was totes wrong: “Grouped with Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jurgen Klinsmann’s band is … Continue reading

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Here’s Yr Future

Here’s an update to this post about the heroic efforts of Lee Se-dol, a Korean go grand-master, to defeat the nefarious Google algorithm AlphaGo. Alas, Mr. Lee got housed four matches to one.  From Wired: “This week saw the end of the historic … Continue reading

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