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Adventures in Pedagogy

I’m teaching advanced level adults this semester and they’ve already asked me that we do a class on, ahem, Trump. “Why is he so popular?” Fucked if I now. Which is the short version of, lots of Americans really dig … Continue reading

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“the worst boy band in history”

Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination.  And he’ll probably lose it at the actual convention, splitting the Republicans into two parties either directly or in a de facto sense.  But why settle for my hot take when you … Continue reading

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Feel free to check out my tumblr where the previous post was cross-posted. I had no idea that I am the actual rapist, not James Deen! I love tumblr but damn, when it’s bad it’s horrific. Anyhow, back to bing-watching The Man … Continue reading

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Electriceels, “질투” My Korean self study hasn’t been all that good as of late, but my listening-to-Korean-indie bands has been on point.

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Sorry, Right-wing Concern Trolls

I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but I’m going to vote for her. And no, I don’t think a primary challenger running to her left would do much good. Republicans have been voting strategically for … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year!

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Music I Liked in 2013

Savages, “Husbands” Their album gave me chills.  Haven’t had those in a while. Deafheaven, “Dream House” A lot of bands recently have been reinterpreting genres I never thought much of (like here, death metal) and making something great out of … Continue reading

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Nom Nom Nom

For the first time in a while — the first time ever, actually — I’ve been having these really strong Western food cravings. There are definitely options in South Korea but I’ve been hankering for some really specific things — … Continue reading

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We Are All Stupider Now

Am I still allowed to link 2012 retrospective stuff?  Because The Guardian’s “Worst Ideas of 2012” is awesome. “Igoring Reality” “Republicans Thinking Out Loud” “The Rise of the Multi-Part Movie”

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Tropical Chuseok

Bali is amazing. The only hiccup so far was a cab driver last night who gave me an unwanted “scenic tour” when I tried to get back to my hotel. I should have learned my lesson by now: in Southeast … Continue reading

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