“the worst boy band in history”

Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination.  And he’ll probably lose it at the actual convention, splitting the Republicans into two parties either directly or in a de facto sense.  But why settle for my hot take when you can have Laurie Penny’s outsider view:

“Americans do not appear to realise that, although it would be nice to get the more progressive of the two Democrats, what matters most to the rest of the world is that not a single member of the Republican line-up, the worst boy band in history, ever gets within 50 feet of the Situation Room (hey, I’ve seen The West Wing). What matters is that these people are not allowed to make decisions about climate change, or military intervention, or preferably any decisions at all apart from, perhaps, whether they would prefer milk or hot chocolate at bedtime, because someone should take gentle care of them in a place where they are never allowed to engage in politics again. I’d call them lunatics but it would do a disservice to the many people I know with mental-health difficulties.

At this point I, for one, would feel a lot safer if the selection were done by a lottery of the entire American public. But if we must pretend that this is democracy, there ought at least to be a chance for everyone affected to have their say.”

Even if, as I’ve suspected for a while, Hillary Clinton ends up winning in a historic landslide, the damage will have been done.  A significant number of Americans really want a fascist reality star to run their lives and bully the rest of the world.

These are people heavily invested in the word “freedom.”

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