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The Greatest

“They never called me nigger.  They never lynched me.  They didn’t put no dogs on me.” RIP, The Greatest. Advertisements

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Drink Up

South Koreans love to drink, and South Korean companies have come up with hundreds of hang-over “cures” over the years, usually in the form of a small bottle of juice or flavored water.  And now, ice cream: “Drinking is a … Continue reading

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Music and Memory

“March for the Beloved” Controversy has erupted over plans to commemorate the Gwangju Massacre.  In particular, people are angry that the singing of the song above will no longer be mandatory: “The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs issued a … Continue reading

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Found In Translation

The Man Booker International Prize has gone to Han Kang, the first time for a Korean writer: “The Vegetarian, a novel about a woman who ‘wants to reject human brutality’ and gives up eating meat, has won the 2016 Man … Continue reading

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Consider The (Maine) Lobster

Maine is seeing a lobster boom both in terms of pounds caught and demand from China.  It’s good for fisherman, but also kind of complicated: “Each of Maine’s 5,785 lobstermen is an independent business: A license allows its holder to … Continue reading

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“Blood, Sugar, Sex, Dickheads”

Here’s a great piece from a music industry insider on how the Red Hot Chili Peppers are not only terrible musically, but also one of the rapier bands in pop music history : “At first I  refused to even go to … Continue reading

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“it was Saturday night / I guess that makes it alright”

I’d love to post a bunch of Prince videos from Youtube, but he’d have hated that.  So instead, here’s a country cover version of “Little Red Corvette.” RIP. Good lord, what a shit year for musicians. Sinead O’Connor, “Nothing Compares … Continue reading

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“the real way to learn to cook is to cook for ten years”

To my mind, a surprisingly thoughtful essay on the downside of celebrity chef-dom from, ahem, celebrity chef Mario Batali: “The problem now is a lot of people go to cooking school because they want to be on TV. They don’t … Continue reading

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In Defense of Korean Beer

Pavement, “Texas Never Whispers” By law, foreigners in South Korea are obligated to complain about the watery, domestic local beers like Cass and Hite and OB.  And also, cheer at the growth of Korean micro-breweries. It’s a bit of a … Continue reading

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“It keeps you entertained.”

‘Murca!: “Frito pie is a staple menu item at Little League and high school sports concessions stands all over Texas, but it’s also found its way onto plenty of restaurant menus; it’s not an uncommon sight at barbecue restaurants, where … Continue reading

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