I’m an American teaching English at a college in Daegu, South Korea.  You can reach me at jfparr3[squiggle]gmail.com.  You can follow me on Twitter hereYou can read my Google+ posts here.  Google+ sucks.  My tumblr, however, is amazing.

I spend my time teaching, thinking about how to be a better teacher, reading, listening to music, bloginating, hiking, taking photographs, traveling to new places throughout the country, taking vacations throughout Asia, and wondering out loud whether or not the Pavement reunion was such a good idea.

“Wet Casements” is a poem by John Ashbery.

As for blogospheric navel-gazing, is this a K-blog?  I’d say no.  It existed before I moved to South Korea in 2008.  Then again, I do write a lot about Korean culture and politics and history as an admitted expat/outside observer.  So maybe it is.  But I probably write more about music more than anything, mostly of the non-Korean variety.

Also, I love to travel.  Since moving to South Korea in 2008 I’ve gotten around quite a bit of Asia and taken lots of pics:

Laos (Winter 2009)

Palawan, Philippines (Fall 2011)

Cambodia and Vietnam (Winter 2011)

Guam (Winter 2012)

Bali (Fall 2012)

India (Mumbai and Goa) (Winter 2013)

Chiang Mai, Thailand (Winter 2015)