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So Long, Europe

So, the Brexit happened. The pound has collapsed and global markets are reeling as every sane adult knew would happen. But I’m also curious about ESL teachers with UK citizenship.  My understanding was that it was very easy for them … Continue reading

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I’m Hip! I’m With It!

That thing where ESL textbook companies assume only college-age adult students want to study English, so I end up having to base lessons around “going to the nightclub” and “Do you want to try Parkour this weekend?” for 60 year-old housewives.

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Oh, Korea

As somebody who relies on my supposed knowledge of the English language to earn a paycheck every month I should support stuff like this, but I really, truly don’t: “Imposing curfew on students who receive low scores on their English … Continue reading

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E.S.L.: English as a second language, meaning students will be speaking English outside of the classroom.  Think of exchange students as the most obvious examples. E.F.L.: English as a foreign language, meaning students only speak English in the classroom, and … Continue reading

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Grading these exams and once again blown away by how even my lowest-performing students tend to have excellent English handwriting. Like, much better than my own chicken-scratch. My working theory is that good handwriting is a product of memorization and … Continue reading

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Your Humble, Ink-Stained Wretch

Last year my boss suggested that me and my two foreigner co-workers put together a new addition of his English textbook, which we use with our college students. That idea sat on the back-burner for awhile, and a few months … Continue reading

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All The Sushis

(Boss is taking us to lunch today for a meeting. I _think_ we're going to ALL YOU CAN EAT CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI RESTAURANT YOU GUYS!) — James of Thrones (@wetcasements) June 3, 2016 Sometimes in South Korea, life is very … Continue reading

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“the arts in general are for women and homosexuals”

A surprisingly hilarious SNL sketch for anybody who’s ever been a teacher, or found Dead Poets Society to be a completely pretentious garbage film. A little NSFW….

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Behind The Mask

I expect every one of my college students to speak in English at least once during each of my classes, and the only exception is for sickness.  And in South Korea, that’s an easy tell because people with colds usually … Continue reading

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Teach The Children Well

An interview with Professor Chris Emdin on the problem with “hero white teachers” in poor, predominantly non-white school districts: “I think framing this hero teacher narrative, particularly for folks who are not from these communities, is problematic. The model of a hero going … Continue reading

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