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“slinging souvlakis”

The hard-knock life of a New York City street food vendor, and the surprisingly complicated politics around what they do to make a (meager) living: “For $50, just about anyone can get a license to sell food on a city sidewalk. … Continue reading

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Tears In Flavortown

Guy Fieri eating to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” Where would we be as a civilization without the internet?

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Consider The (Maine) Lobster

Maine is seeing a lobster boom both in terms of pounds caught and demand from China.  It’s good for fisherman, but also kind of complicated: “Each of Maine’s 5,785 lobstermen is an independent business: A license allows its holder to … Continue reading

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“the real way to learn to cook is to cook for ten years”

To my mind, a surprisingly thoughtful essay on the downside of celebrity chef-dom from, ahem, celebrity chef Mario Batali: “The problem now is a lot of people go to cooking school because they want to be on TV. They don’t … Continue reading

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Ramyon Wars

Today’s college lesson plan revolved around restaurants and food, so I had them break into teams and come up with the best recipe for making ramyon. I swear to the FSM blood was almost spilled.  The “cheese or no cheese” … Continue reading

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Baseball season is here, along with early onset diabetes: “Not to be outdone, the Atlanta Braves’ stadium will be offering the ‘Burgerizza.’ For $26, you’ll get a ‘grilled 20-oz. all-beef patty, covered with five slices of cheddar cheese, topped with … Continue reading

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In Defense of Korean Beer

Pavement, “Texas Never Whispers” By law, foreigners in South Korea are obligated to complain about the watery, domestic local beers like Cass and Hite and OB.  And also, cheer at the growth of Korean micro-breweries. It’s a bit of a … Continue reading

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“It keeps you entertained.”

‘Murca!: “Frito pie is a staple menu item at Little League and high school sports concessions stands all over Texas, but it’s also found its way onto plenty of restaurant menus; it’s not an uncommon sight at barbecue restaurants, where … Continue reading

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All The Nomz

Korean grilled pig intestines (막창) start like this and then they become this: So glorious.

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“use food to talk about the past while they eat it”

A  profile of gay, black, Jewish food historian Michael Twitty: “Since launching the Cooking Gene Project and its concomitant Southern Discomfort Tour in 2011, Twitty has crisscrossed the South from Maryland to Texas and back again, visiting dozens of restored plantations … Continue reading

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