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So there’s a bit of a kerfuffle in baseball.  At the young age of 42 Marlin’s outfielder Ichiro Suzuki recorded his 4,257th career hit and moved ahead of Pete Rose on the all-time list.  Problem is, 1,278 of those came … Continue reading

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Kim Hyun-soo hit his first major league homer for the Orioles and got the “silent treatment” from his teammates. A pretty cool moment.  Dude is hitting .383.

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New Samsung Stadium

Without a doubt, baseball in South Korea is a glorious, noisy, fried-chicken fueled thing.  And this year Daegu’s club, the Samsung Lions, have moved into a shiny new mega-stadium on the outskirts of town (as opposed to their older, charming, … Continue reading

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Pinch Me

The Orioles are 6-0.  I can’t even. And Kim Hyun-soo got his first major league hit(s).

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“the archetype of the white baseball player”

Jay Kang on baseball’s whiteness problem: “The Griffey showdown was one in a long line of coded racial arguments, minor battles between two types: the ‘standard’ white player and his nonwhite foil. The archetype of the white baseball player has … Continue reading

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If You Didn’t Know Already, I’m A Hopeless Romantic And An Idiot

ORIOLES ARE 4-0 ORIOLES ARE 4-0 KEN SINGLETON GARY ROENICKE KEN SINGLETON GARY ROENICKE!!! — Cruelest Month James (@wetcasements) April 9, 2016 In local news, this Thursday night I’m going to my first ball game at Daegu’s new, ultra-luxe “Samsung … Continue reading

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Baseball season is here, along with early onset diabetes: “Not to be outdone, the Atlanta Braves’ stadium will be offering the ‘Burgerizza.’ For $26, you’ll get a ‘grilled 20-oz. all-beef patty, covered with five slices of cheddar cheese, topped with … Continue reading

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Trying to figure out if the Orioles will wait until before of after the All Star Game to break my wittle heart. — Peep Slayer James (@wetcasements) March 31, 2016 Spring comes to Daegu, South Korea. Meanwhile, my local Korean … Continue reading

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Annual Preparation For Heartbreak

The good news is that South Korean outfielder Kim Hyun-soo is now an Oriole, so I’ll actually be able to watch live broadcasts of his games come this spring.  (Korean networks will broadcast games featuring Korean players, so the Dodgers, … Continue reading

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Andrew Hill, Compulsion!!!!! Via wiki: “Hill created a unique idiom that utilized chromatic, modal, and occasionally ‘free’ improvisation. Although usually categorized as ‘avant-garde’, Hill’s music bears little resemblance to the free atonality and extended improvisations of Cecil Taylor and others. Like … Continue reading

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