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Ugh It’s Already Too Hot and Humid And It’s Only May Update

Mock Orange, “Poster Child” Here’s a band that’s been criminally overlooked, and they’re still going today. Another semester is coming to its end, and I’ll be back in America for August visiting the DC area and the wilds north of … Continue reading

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Incheon Airport Blues

Incheon Airport, the main international hub in South Korea and an institution that many Koreans take a lot of pride in, is suffering from huge delays for foreigners going through immigration : “However, according to the Immigration Office, the extra booths … Continue reading

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“you’re fantastic”

New Order, “Plastic” The new New Order is surprisingly good.  And tomorrow I’m headed to Busan for Chuseok.  I don’t have much in the way of plans other than eating here a few times and walking around the beach and … Continue reading

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Helping The Knee-dy

The “recline or not to recline?” debate continues apace on Deadspin.  First off, I am a hugely judgmental person when it comes to personal conduct and how you control (or don’t) your children in a thin metal tube hurtling through the … Continue reading

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I’ve asked on Twitter and tumblr but I’ll ask here as well — what beaches would you recommend in the Philippines?  I’ve been to Nido / Palawan, and I’d like to avoid Cebu and Boracay.  Quiet is nice, but I … Continue reading

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My dad’s neighbor’s garden.  That’s my old man on the left. My dad’s neighbor’s dog, Nevada. Good times.

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Back from another great vacation in America.  I saw my dad in Bellingham, Washington and my sister and her family back in the DC area.  We even made it down to the Outer Banks for some beach fun. Tomorrow I’ll … Continue reading

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I’m off to America tomorrow for a much needed summer vacation.  I’ll be visiting my dad in Bellingham, Washington and my sister and her family back in the DC area. Apparently Seattle is going through a heat-wave, which sucks because … Continue reading

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Travel vs. Tourism

Oliver Farry on the pretensions of “travelers” versus the supposed naivete of “tourists”: “They are also just as prone to finding something in their destination charming or ersatz. And the idea that a traveller or a tourist (let’s persist in … Continue reading

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The Unsightly Mandarin

Good news, my fellow Americans!  As global tourism continues to grow, the “ugly American” is being replaced by new, just as negative stereotypes: “Not that the Chinese have a monopoly on grossly offensive behaviour. Last August, residents came out in … Continue reading

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