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I hate to sound like a Korea snob (“You haven’t experienced the country until you’ve done this!”) but I guess it’s unavoidable at times.  Most of my thoughts along these lines would definitely have to do with food, and second … Continue reading

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Goin’ Galt (And/Or Bankrupt)

Via Gin and Tacos, another Glibertarian pipe-dream bites the dust in, of all places, Chile: “Meanwhile, Galt’s Gulch owes ‘hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to hardware stores [and] service providers’ in Chile for work done in preparation for … Continue reading

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Beach Me

Mission of Burma, “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” Off to Thailand tomorrow. I hope you and your family and all your friends have a great Chusok holiday.

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Trailer for Tilt: The Battle To Save Pinball. Watched this today.  Very cool little doc.

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It’s On In Hong Kong

Tensions over children shitting in public have become kind of a big deal in Hong Kong, where ostensibly “backwards” mainlanders think it’s O.K. to let their kid go in when necessay: “The stink has hardly dissipated. On Sunday, a dozen … Continue reading

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“Cause the sky was never blue”

The Sea and Cake, “Harps” Trying to figure out my future.  Porn star and astronaut are, for various reasons beyond my control, out of the question. That leaves circus geek or investment banker. Decisions, decisions. . . .

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Libertarian Police Department

Too funny: ‘All right, all right!’ the man yelled, throwing down his weapon. ‘I give up, cop! I confess: I took the bitcoins.’ ‘Why’d you do it?’ I asked, as I slapped a pair of Oikos™ Greek Yogurt Presents Handcuffs® … Continue reading

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True Fact

The personal is political. But the personal is also usually pretty damn boring.

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Shameless Self-Promotion

I tweet here. I tumbl here. Still not sure where the line between this blog and tumblr is drawn.  I guess this place is more “serious” (SCARE QUOTES INTENTIONAL!).

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True Fact

Spring is here and that makes me a happy boy.

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