It’s On In Hong Kong

Tensions over children shitting in public have become kind of a big deal in Hong Kong, where ostensibly “backwards” mainlanders think it’s O.K. to let their kid go in when necessay:

“The stink has hardly dissipated. On Sunday, a dozen or so demonstrators at the giant Harbor City mall in Hong Kong mocked mainlanders by squatting and pretending to defecate on a photo of Mao Tse-tung and brandishing toilet paper. One wore a pig mask and another dressed as a Red Guard. A skirmish nearly broke out between the protesters and offended customers and staff, who screamed at one another across the mall’s atrium.

The Communist Party’s official People’s Daily weighed in Wednesday, denouncing the Hong Kong protesters as ‘skinheads’ and ‘hooligans.’

‘This handful of radicals in Hong Kong remind us of the rampant skinheads and neo-Nazis in Europe. Xenophobia is the cult of these groups,’ the paper opined. ‘We need to fight back and overwhelm any forces that try to harm the integrity of the nation.’

Hong Kong, which has a population of about 7 million, receives more than four times that many visitors from the mainland each year.”

I had a great time in Hong Kong last September.  Luckily, I did not encounter any pooping scofflaws.

Seriously though, it’s a public health risk above all else.  How is this not obvious to everyone?

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One Response to It’s On In Hong Kong

  1. Yea in Beijing they just let their kids ‘go’ wherever they want to… Pretty disgusting, but the worst part is it’s commonly accepted because ‘they’re just children’.. Makes me sick!

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