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Gold Soundz.

“next bus outta here”

Pavement, “Box Elder” Well, I’m pretty pleased with this here blog but change is also good.  I’m moving over to Blogger, so Wet Casements is now over here. If you’ve enjoyed any of my rants about teaching, life in South … Continue reading

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Tears In Flavortown

Guy Fieri eating to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” Where would we be as a civilization without the internet?

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Deep Souls

Ray Charles and Milt Jackson, “Blue Funk” It’s the week before final exams, so I’m sitting in an empty “Global Zone” waiting for students to come practice their English with me, and listening to this amazing collaboration on headphones. Good … Continue reading

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Something To Du

The Replacements, “Alex Chilton” A nice, short piece on the influence rock journalism had on Paul Westerberg and The Replacements: “But music criticism does seem particularly essential to what the Replacements were up to. Two things that heartland rock-and-roll fans … Continue reading

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Ugh It’s Already Too Hot and Humid And It’s Only May Update

Mock Orange, “Poster Child” Here’s a band that’s been criminally overlooked, and they’re still going today. Another semester is coming to its end, and I’ll be back in America for August visiting the DC area and the wilds north of … Continue reading

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Music and Memory

“March for the Beloved” Controversy has erupted over plans to commemorate the Gwangju Massacre.  In particular, people are angry that the singing of the song above will no longer be mandatory: “The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs issued a … Continue reading

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“bipolar opps met / under sodium lamps”

Wire, “Nocturnal Koreans” I’ve got no idea what this song is supposed to be about, but I like it. Meanwhile, the semester is hurtling towards its conclusion yet again.  It’s early May, so the weather is still nice and spring-y, … Continue reading

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Pitchfork put their writers to work reviewing Prince’s “classic” albums (i.e., everything up to 1991’s Diamonds and Pearls.)  It’s nice to read about the context of each album, and to consider the significant differences between Prince, Prince and the Revolution, and … Continue reading

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“Blood, Sugar, Sex, Dickheads”

Here’s a great piece from a music industry insider on how the Red Hot Chili Peppers are not only terrible musically, but also one of the rapier bands in pop music history : “At first I  refused to even go to … Continue reading

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Badass Motherfucker

Prince & co., “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Lots of people have linked to Prince’s Superbowl performance, which was indeed amazing.  But for my money this here is peak Prince – the all-star tribute to George Harrison after his death in … Continue reading

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