Lit is a site focusing on electronic music. The admin is a cool guy who’s also into Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese poet who wrote under multiple pseudonyms. Here’s a translation of mine, along with a bunch of others. The format does justice to Pessoa’s genius, not so much for my grasp of Portuguese.

No Shame Theater is a great idea and experience. It’s motto: “Dare to Fail.” I paricipated in a few No Shame Friday evenings back in Charlottesville, and it had a good run before giving it up in 2004. Looks like it’s going strong in other cities though–check it out if you can. One of my pieces, “The Envelope,” was performed at a “best of” No Shame back in November, 2001. Here’s the text. Two of the three performers were regulars, the third a psych graduate student with whom I’m no longer in touch. Good times.