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Huge, Classy Grifter

I’m trying to limit my Trump info-intake, in the same way that I feel terrible if I stop to stare at the aftermath of a car crash or tire fire.  But I’m only human, and this is the story of … Continue reading

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The New (Bloody) Normal

On the one hand, lots of people have predicted that only a series of Paris-style terror attacks on US soil would ever allow Trump to be elected. On the other, speaking as a USian, Americans were perfectly fine with 25 … Continue reading

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The Hottest of Takes

As mentioned, bringing myself up to speed on ESL / EFL literature is no small thing.  That, and I started to grade my final exams today. I really, really hate grading exams. So in light of Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination … Continue reading

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The Greatest

“They never called me nigger.  They never lynched me.  They didn’t put no dogs on me.” RIP, The Greatest.

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Free Advice

At this point I’m certain the GOP’s best shot at the White House this November would be if they could genetically engineer a sentient assault rifle.

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Two Can Play At This Game

I won’t insult the intelligence of Bernie Bros or Hillary-hating dead-enders by asking them to make a vote that could actually prevent Donald J. Trump from becoming president. Hopefully they won’t continue to insult my intelligence by telling me a Hillary … Continue reading

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Say G’night, Bernie

I liked Bernie.  But now he’s a joke.  Kevin Drum says it best: “The one thing I do keep wondering about is what happened to Bernie Sanders. Before this campaign, he was a gadfly, he was a critic of the … Continue reading

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Music and Memory

“March for the Beloved” Controversy has erupted over plans to commemorate the Gwangju Massacre.  In particular, people are angry that the singing of the song above will no longer be mandatory: “The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs issued a … Continue reading

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Fear My Predictive Abilities! (Kinda. It Was Actually Pretty Obvious.)

Yeah, it’s Trump. He is a fulfillment and culmination of Republican “thought” over the past three decades, not a diversion from it. Why isn’t Cruz sticking it out?  Because he was being eviscerated by the spray-tanned one: The accusations seem … Continue reading

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Noted Without Comment

From The Washington Post, “Toddlers have shot at least 23 people this year”: “Last year, a Washington Post analysis found that toddlers were finding guns and shooting people at a rate of about one a week. This year, that pace has accelerated. … Continue reading

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