The Hottest of Takes

As mentioned, bringing myself up to speed on ESL / EFL literature is no small thing.  That, and I started to grade my final exams today. I really, really hate grading exams.

So in light of Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first female to lead either American political party, I’ll only add this:

It sounds as if she’s going to meet with Bernie and be perfectly gracious. But the notion that she somehow needs to “appease” the #BernieorBust crowd is ludicrous. If their delicate, snow-flake-shaped egos can’t be bothered to vote against Trump / for Hillary, well, ahem, fuck ’em. My fellow Democrats owe them nothing other than the bizarre convention seat choices Bernie has already made for himself.

If they’re that committed to supporting Trump — if they’re even thinking about supporting Trump — we don’t want them anyhow.

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