Fear My Predictive Abilities! (Kinda. It Was Actually Pretty Obvious.)

Yeah, it’s Trump.

He is a fulfillment and culmination of Republican “thought” over the past three decades, not a diversion from it.

Why isn’t Cruz sticking it out?  Because he was being eviscerated by the spray-tanned one:

The accusations seem to have taken a toll. Indiana once looked like a potentially winnable state for Cruz — but he didn’t even come close, losing by about 16 points. For some insight into why, on Sunday, the Washington Post’s Sean Sullivan interviewed one Cruz volunteer who said many Indiana voters she spoke to ‘are concerned with the nickname he’s been given — “Lyin” Ted,”‘ and another who said that “there is some idea that Ted Cruz is rigging the system.”

Cruz is only 45 years, and he could well run again for president later on. So seeing his favorability numbers plunge so badly could well have have convinced him that extending his quixotic fight, and enduring Trump’s character attacks, for another month simply wasn’t worth it. Better to live and fight another day.

As I mentioned, Trump doesn’t just beat “serious” Republicans badly, he basically ends their political careers.  He annihilates them.  He prohibits them from ever seriously thinking about national office ever again.

I’ll give Cruz this much credit — he understands this well enough to realize it was time to get off the pot.

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One Response to Fear My Predictive Abilities! (Kinda. It Was Actually Pretty Obvious.)

  1. Cathy says:

    I was very disappointed going to this site. It only works in two cities in the entire world. You really misled people by saying you could "compare your neh;gborhood&#39is carbon footprint". Not true at all unless you live in San Francisco or Amsterdam. A real let down and waste of time.

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