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“next bus outta here”

Pavement, “Box Elder” Well, I’m pretty pleased with this here blog but change is also good.  I’m moving over to Blogger, so Wet Casements is now over here. If you’ve enjoyed any of my rants about teaching, life in South … Continue reading

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I Have Opinions About Things And Sometimes Express Them

Orange Caramel, “Catellena” So, I do this once in a while as an act of shameless self-promotion: I tweet here. I have a tumblr here, which has some overlap with this here “real” blog.  Scare-quotes because the line is always … Continue reading

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Moving On

I used to spend a lot of time — let’s be honest, too much time — at a site called Metafilter.  There were a lot of smart people and good writers there, but I gave up on it a few … Continue reading

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It seems there’s no way to switch back to WordPress’ “classic” UI. That’s a shame because the new one makes Blogger look like internet gold. Seriously WordPress, you done fucked up.  Please let the hostages go and let us go … Continue reading

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Joy Division, “Atmosphere” This is the second best thing on the internet, ever.  (Squirrel melt sandwiches are still the greatest duh.)

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I’m Not Good At Marketing, But I’ll Try!

Mission of Burma, “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” If WordPress is to be believed, I’ve had a lot of new followers recently.  Thank you! A short bio: I’m a college instructor teaching English to college students and adults … Continue reading

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Happy (Civil War Revisionist) Trails

This being the internet and all, it’s not surprising that kookie racist nutbars will find a welcoming place for their hate.  That a discussion-based website I formerly spent a lot of time on has become one such place saddens me … Continue reading

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I Guess I’m A Horrible Person

I’m a cynical fuck by nature, so it probably comes as no surprise that I can’t stand TEDTalks. This semester my college basically shifted my office hours to the library so students can come in for free-talking when they want … Continue reading

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Troll Gets Slain

Since nobody asked, I’ve never used reddit (but do spend a lot of too much time at Metafilter).  The whole “outing” of the “internet’s biggest troll” has been fascinating to follow.  Again, since nobody asked, I’m perfectly fine with the guy … Continue reading

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“I Chew Furniture”

Dogshaming is the best tumblr evar.

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