Moving On

I used to spend a lot of time — let’s be honest, too much time — at a site called Metafilter.  There were a lot of smart people and good writers there, but I gave up on it a few years back when it became painfully obvious to me that the mods were bending over backwards to shield a few Neo-Confederate apologists (and gun-nuts to boot) from being called out for their bigotry.

Bitching about forum moderation on the internet?  Unheard of!

Obviously freedom of speech is an important thing, and hearing opposing viewpoints is good for everybody, but it was just turning into such a ridiculous kabuki dance of a few particular posters pretending to be delicate little snowflakes who had no idea why their views were so controversial.  (Also known as the ultimate troll.)

Anyhow, I popped over there for the first time in years to check out their Charleston coverage (my account is canceled but you can still read everything without posting comments) and, lo and behold, the same few posters were up to the same chicanery.

Whatever.  I used to really enjoy that place but it’s not them, it’s me I guess.

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