A Super Funny Joke Based Upon Seeing The New Star Wars Trailer



Ahem.  You are welcome.

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One Year Later

It’s been one year since the Sewol, a South Korean ferry, went down killing 304 people — most of whom were high school students.  People here are still sad and angry:

“There is widespread frustration among many South Koreans who see their government as having failed to improve safety standards and hold high-level officials accountable for a disaster blamed in part on incompetence and corruption.

While largely blamed on the ship’s illegal redesign and overloading, the accident laid bare deeper-rooted problems of corruption, lax safety standards and regulatory failings attributed to the country’s relentless push for economic growth.

‘Nothing has changed,’ the JoongAng Daily newspaper said in an editorial Thursday, adding that the government’s promised reforms had fallen ‘way short of changing its often wicked ways.’ An editorial in the largest circulation Chosun Ilbo also concluded that ‘the country remains unsafe.’ South Korean lawmakers on Thursday adopted a resolution urging the government to salvage the ferry.”

I’ll never forget the punch-to-the-gut at hearing so many people, and especially so many young people, had died.  I’ll also never forget just how incompetent the rescue efforts were, kick-started by a school district official who texted all the parents involved that their children had already been rescued and everyone was fine and dandy.

There’s no place in hell hot enough for that kind of stupidity.

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Yeah yeah, it’s Vice, but this is a pretty good doc about professional gaming focused on South Korean youth/gamer/cosplay culture.

I’ve been known to play a few hours of FIFA now and then, but the mania for competitive gaming is truly something I’ll never understand.

And when I came here in 2008 Starcraft was the most popular game.  These days it’s “LOL” — League of Legends.

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Miles Davis, “Maiysha”

It took a while, but Spring finally made it to lurvely Daegu.

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Same As It Ever Was

My favorite thing about election season in America?  Overpaid politicians and “journalists” who more than likely spent time at either Harvard or Yale lecturing us about what “Real America” and “Real Americans” want.

But what a shame that Hillary wants to drag us back to those hellish 90’s, when the economy was awesome, wages actually went up every year, and we were in a relative state of peace as a nation.

Also curious to see how many times we’ll hear the word “blowjob” in the next year and a half.

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In Europe you have the phenomenon of the “Ugly American.”  In Asia, it’s quickly becoming the “Ugly Chinese Tourist”:

“China’s economy has boomed over the past decade, expanding the ranks of its middle-class who are hungry for foreign travel after the country’s decades of isolation in the last century.

Chinese travellers took 100 million ‘outbound’ trips – including to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – last year, according to official figures.

But the surge of wanderlust has left some officials back home red-faced and the blacklist is the latest of China’s efforts to control its citizens behaviour abroad.

Chinese tourists were reported to have outraged locals in Thailand this year by drying underwear in an airport, defecating in public and kicking a bell at a temple.”

One thing you’ll hear sometimes in South Korea is a fear that Chinese people are “taking over” Jeju Island, one of the country’s top tourist sites.  People like the money that comes with tourism from China, but they’re also buying up a lot of the real estate there.

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Daegu, South Korea.

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On No You Don’t

Oh joy, Orthodox Jewish men delaying airline flights because they don’t want to sit next to filthy, dirty whore-women are now a thing:

“A growing number of airline passengers, particularly on trips between the United States and Israel, are now sharing stories of conflicts between ultra-Orthodox Jewish men trying to follow their faith and women just hoping to sit down. Several flights from New York to Israel over the last year have been delayed or disrupted over the issue, and with social media spreading outrage and debate, the disputes have spawned a protest initiative, an online petition and a spoof safety video from a Jewish magazine suggesting a full-body safety vest (‘Yes, it’s kosher!’) to protect ultra-Orthodox men from women seated next to them on airplanes.”

First of all, if being in proximity to dirty filthy women is a problem for you and your primitive, ass-backwards worldview, don’t fly.  Or get a private jet.  Or buy a window and a middle seat.

Second, if you consciously delay a flight, inconveniencing hundreds of people, you should be kicked off immediately and arrested, no questions asked.

Third, if a muslim cleric pulled this shit you know damn well he would be arrested as a terror suspect.  So why aren’t these asshats being treated the same way?

I realize I’m on my high horse here, but I fly a fair amount and I try my best not to be an asshole about it.  I’m a big guy (6’1”), but I’m conscious of where my legs and arms are on a 12 twelve hour trans-Pacific flight (amazing how many shorter people aren’t!).  I try to be as courteous as possible to the people near me.  I never, ever bring on a bag of greasy fast food because that shit is going to start stinking after an hour or so.  I understand that being a flight attendant is a difficult job, and they are not my personal valets for the course of the journey.

Adults who can’t act their age in pubic and/or confined spaces are basically the worst thing ever.

As for kids, well, if they’re crying that’s not really anybody’s fault.  However, if you’re letting your little monsters run up and down the aisles or letting them kick the seat in front of them, you are a horrible parent and never should have never been allowed to breed.

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Internet Famous

Oh, just a typical Friday chatting with one of my musical heroes about one of the best things about Korea — the fried chicken.

Heems ft. Action Bronson, “Yo What’s Good New York”

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Well, this is depressing.  A small group of Vietnamese survivors of U.S. and South Korean military atrocities were scheduled to visit Seoul.  Then this happened:

“An event with survivors of civilian massacres by South Korean troops during the Vietnam War is running into difficulties after its original venue was canceled over fierce objections from veterans’ groups.

The groups warned of their plans to ‘close down’ the event, which they called an ‘act against the nation by subversives who are distorting history.'”

These veterans sure are classy:

“In June 2000, members of KAVOA broke into the Hankyoreh [newspaper] offices and attempted to start a fire while damaging printing equipment, cars, and computers to protest an article by the weekly Hankyoreh 21 magazine containing the first reports of civilian massacres in South Korean troop areas during the Vietnam War. Leading members of the group visited the newspaper to apologize after the perpetrators were arrested.”

But at least a professor at Seoul National University understands the glaring hypocrisy of what’s going on here:

“Park Tae-gyun, a professor at the Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies, warned that South Korea ‘won’t be able to resolve its historical issues with Japan if it can’t resolve its own Vietnam War issues.’

‘To hear the stories of Vietnamese survivors is not to deny the sacrifice made by veterans,’ Park added. ‘They are asking for a state apology so that they too are recognized as victims.’”

Bingo.  Don’t ever expect an apology from Japan for comfort women if you won’t acknowledge your own brutal mistakes.

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