Dammit, Learn to Zig-Zag Rickon!

Was it four or five episodes ago that Sansa met Littlefinger in Moletown?  And it was incredibly obvious that although she was angry at him, she should have asked for his soldiers to take back Winterfell?

I guess it’s more dramatic for Littlefinger’s men to swoop in at the last second but the decision to write it that way was pretty bad, and Rickon might still be alive if Ramsay knew his goose was cooked.

I think overall this season of Game of Thrones is much better than the last one, but the writing is still far from perfect.

Also, more Lyanna Mormont, pretty please?

Also, “rickon zig zag” is peak Twitter.

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One Response to Dammit, Learn to Zig-Zag Rickon!

  1. Aria says:

    I think it had to be clear that Jon Snow had lost. This was not going to be a story of the little army that could—-of out-numbered Starks triumphing over evil because love/honor wins in the end, etc. What’s more sinister, perhaps, is that Sansa orchestrated this so that Ramsay would think he had the advantage so as to draw him out. Like Ramsay, she was willing to use a Stark (although an illegitimate one, unless L+R=J) as bate.

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