This is mak-chang (막창), a Daegu specialty.  Here we are in the early stages, getting ready to use a pair of scissors to cut the stuff down into bite-size pieces of awesome.  On the right are a few rice cakes (떡).

Side-dishes included soup, slices of frozen radish, and raw cloves of garlic that get thrown on as well to roast.  They get soft and sweet at the same time.  Also, mak-chang is a drinking food so beer was mandatory, but we were hungry for a full meal and ordered some rice and bean paste soup as well.

And finally, the payoff.

You can eat mak-chang in a lettuce or cabbage-leaf wrap, or all by its lonesome.  Either way, my favorite thing about the stuff is that you get a nice textural interaction between the charred tough bits and the soft fatty ones, all in the same bite.

That said, I never thought I’d grow so fond of grilled pig guts (intestines, to be exact).

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