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Dammit, Learn to Zig-Zag Rickon!

Was it four or five episodes ago that Sansa met Littlefinger in Moletown?  And it was incredibly obvious that although she was angry at him, she should have asked for his soldiers to take back Winterfell? I guess it’s more … Continue reading

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“It is really happening to you.”

Lindy West on Batman vs. Superman (I refuse to call it “v.” because I have a modicum of respect for English and Latin): “What actually happens is that Ben Affleck wakes up, panting, and the bat-nado was all a dream! – a … Continue reading

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Happy 100

To be honest, I was as excited to see Star Wars as I was to see what Mike and Jay thought of it.

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13 Ways of Looking at Star Wars — Spoilers, Natch

The film works because Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have great chemistry, and they happen to be very talented actors. Harrison Ford did just enough to make it work.  And given his recent performances, this wasn’t guaranteed. Gwendoline Christie was … Continue reading

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Is it Star Wars yet?

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That’s Why I Earn The Big Bucks

Something strange about English: on a Monday or a Tuesday “this weekend” can refer to either last weekend or next weekend.  (E.g., on a Monday morning at the office — “What did you do this weekend?”, never “What did you do … Continue reading

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Real Real Realism

Phil Hartup on the historical accuracy and omissions of video games: “Historical accuracy becomes a trickier topic when games set their sights on a greater level of depth. One example of this is found in the Hearts of Iron series, which … Continue reading

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True Fact

Rush, “Bastille Day” live Getting older means having no shame about loving Rush.

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Moving On

I used to spend a lot of time — let’s be honest, too much time — at a site called Metafilter.  There were a lot of smart people and good writers there, but I gave up on it a few … Continue reading

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“tricking them with explosions, fire, tornadoes, and desert raiders”

If your hatred of women is so great that it doesn’t allow you to enjoy what sounds like a perfectly awesome summer action film starring a talented actress, then, well, you’re a sad, miserable loser. I mean, you support #GamerGate. … Continue reading

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