“tricking them with explosions, fire, tornadoes, and desert raiders”

If your hatred of women is so great that it doesn’t allow you to enjoy what sounds like a perfectly awesome summer action film starring a talented actress, then, well, you’re a sad, miserable loser.

I mean, you support #GamerGate.

Take it away, Mr. Tbogg:

“Clarey is calling for a boycott (mancott?) of the film lest Hollywood get some wacky idea that studio audiences are willing to accept a strong female lead in an action film — and shut up about Ripley in the Alien films, just shut up. So you can expect lots of empty seats at Fury Road viewings this weekend — three seats for every pair of bros who take a manly and stoic pass, when you include the empty seat they leave between themselves because sitting next to each other at the movies is, y’know…

Hopefully Hollywood will get the message that it is wrong to attempt to lure impressionable young men into seeing films with strong feminist messages by tricking them with ‘explosions, fire tornadoes, and desert raiders.’ Which isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with having women in supporting roles as eye candy or in need of saving by men using their ‘physiques, strength, and logic.’

Because, really, this is actually about ethics in action filmmaking.”

Let’s go back and boycott Star Wars as well because Princess Leia was far too assertive a protagonist.

It’s like, you could spend a year trying to script the stupidity of MRA/GamerGate types and you’d still absolutely fail.

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