“It is really happening to you.”

Lindy West on Batman vs. Superman (I refuse to call it “v.” because I have a modicum of respect for English and Latin):

“What actually happens is that Ben Affleck wakes up, panting, and the bat-nado was all a dream! – a device that will happen nine million more times in this movie. At one point, Affleck wakes up from a dream and realises it was all a dream, and then wakes up from a dream again, because that dream was all a dream too. Batman v Superman, unfortunately, is not a dream. It is really happening to you.”

Read the whole thing for a lot more juicy LOL’s.

If I see this damn thing it’ll be by accident, maybe this summer when I’m visiting family in America.  I couldn’t make it past the first 20 minutes of Man of Steel, and while I’m on record as thinking Watchmen wasn’t all that bad, I’ll be fine if I never see another Zack Snyder film ever again.

And no, I’m not a huge Marvel fanboi but I do think the machine behind that franchise grasps the basics of both film-making (a movie is more than the sum of it’s individual scenes!) and character development (give me at least one character I can like and root for!).

Deadpool was a nice little popcorn flick (call me, Negasonic Teeanage Warhead!).  DC / Warner Brothers seem literally incapable of making a nice little popcorn flick, at least if Snyder’s toxic mix of pretense and explosions is in any way involved.

Cf. also the Red Letter Media guys.

And I really hope Doctor Strange is dope.

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