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Five Years Later

It’s the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, when an earthquake led to a tsunami which led to a nuclear plant being destroyed.  Japanese locals are still trying to cope with both health-related concerns and a huge cultural shift: “In Japanese … Continue reading

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Trump Ruins Everything

How a Trump presidency would destabilize Asia, and South Korea in particular: “Whatever choices are debated within Japan, other nations in Asia would be highly sensitive to a Japan untethered from the United States. A kaleidoscopic series of changes in attitudes … Continue reading

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Trying To Turn The Page

South Korea and Japan have agreed to an aid package concerning the former country’s “comfort women, “ who were forced into sexual slavery during the 1930’s and 1940’s by the Japanese Imperial Army.  It sounds like a good thing, and not … Continue reading

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Family History

In South Korea, hackles are being raised over President Park Geun-hye forcing public schools to adopt government-written history textbooks.  People are rightfully upset: “After complaining that textbooks used in middle and high schools have leftist biases, Park ordered the Ministry … Continue reading

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Abuse and Exploitation

Vice doc on “internships” in Japan, where foreigners (Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino) are brought into the notoriously xenophobic country to do unskilled labor (construction, garment industry) under the guise of a program intended to teach foreigners advanced job skills. It’s not … Continue reading

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“And who would want to kill the buzz of the life Kim Jong-il offered? Fujimoto signed the contract and returned in 1988 to discover that Kim had taken it up a notch. Innocent games of yut nori had been replaced by high-stakes … Continue reading

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Land of the Setting Sun

Interested in teaching English in Japan?  Fughedaboudit: “Around the turn of the millennium, salaries and work conditions for English teachers in Japan began a downward trend — one that has now spilled into the ’10s and shows no signs of … Continue reading

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“Brother Fries”

Interesting Kotaku piece on a “good Samaritan” foreigner in China who bought an old homeless woman some food and another who broke up a robbery.  Then, a Brit got caught sexually assaulting multiple Chinese women. Hilarity did not ensue: “The … Continue reading

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“Fat men in nappies”

Charlie Brooker goes to Tokyo for a sumo tournament: “The problem is this: to a Westerner, sumo looks inherently silly. Fat men in nappies: that’s our gut reaction. Skim a languid eye over it and it scarcely resembles a sport … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken Is The Best Chicken

L.A. Weekly has an awesome “fried chicken flow chart” for deciding whether you want American, Korean, or Japanese-style greasy goodness: It’s nice to know that when I go back to the States I can find Korean-style chicken.  It’s usually crisper … Continue reading

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