Goin’ Galt (And/Or Bankrupt)

Via Gin and Tacos, another Glibertarian pipe-dream bites the dust in, of all places, Chile:

“Meanwhile, Galt’s Gulch owes ‘hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to hardware stores [and] service providers’ in Chile for work done in preparation for the community. As the pyramid scheme of investors collapses, it seems likely that those workers – many of them poor laborers from small Chilean towns — will go unpaid. The workers being ripped off by the moochers? How very Randian.

The Grim Reaper lingers nearby. By the end of August, the entire online existence of Galt’s Gulch Chile had been scrubbed from the web. Every promotional YouTube video made to entice suckers freedom-lovers has been taken down. The GGC website comes back with an error message. Ken Johnson is in the wind.

It’s almost as if basing a community around people who hate other people and don’t want to have to pay for any services that don’t directly and concretely benefit themselves is inherently unstable. Who would have thought?”

Libertarians are basically straight-up socio-paths who smoked a little weed in college.  Put a bunch of them together and leave them alone, and of course they’ll eat one another alive.


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