Helping The Knee-dy

The “recline or not to recline?” debate continues apace on Deadspin.  First off, I am a hugely judgmental person when it comes to personal conduct and how you control (or don’t) your children in a thin metal tube hurtling through the stratosphere at 900 kilometers per hour.  Whether you were raised by feral dogs or are simply too stupid to function, being able to understand how your actions affect those around you is simply the most basic part of being a functioning adult.

That said, I’m not a no-recline fundamentalist.  I’m 6’1”, and I definitely know the pain of metal bars grinding into my knees (I don’t sit on a plane as much as I form a human-shaped 45 degree angle).  But hey, you bought the ticket, you deserve to recline if you so choose (buy maybe not before we take off, hey sparky?).

Basically, none of this would be a problem if US-based airlines gave a single fuck about the in-flight experience of their cattle-class customers.

One nice thing about living in Asia (Humblebrag!) is that if I’m not going back to the US, I can choose from a variety of airlines that really do care about you and your giraffe-infused DNA being comfortable for the duration.

I realize that’s a shocking thing to hear but it’s true.  Asian-based airlines tend to want to develop a long-term relationship with their customers.  It’s almost as if Capitalism can work sometimes with a little long-term planning instead of utter contempt for the people forking over their money to you.

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3 Responses to Helping The Knee-dy

  1. jdawgswords says:

    Asian-based companies seem to have a knack for costumer service…well, sorry, i don’t include China…maybe some Chinese people…but, man, they tend to be heartless

    • wetcasements says:

      Korean Airlines tends to be really good, but you can expect to pay more for them as well. But I’ve been on some smaller regional carriers in the Philippines and India that were decent, and their seats weren’t designed to squeeze every last penny out of their customers. They just seem to _care_ a bit more than anything you’ll ever fly domestically in the US. It all depends I guess.

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