Soccer Not Football

I’ve defended Klinsmann a lot but now, with the prospect of not making the World Cup looming for the US men, maybe I was totes wrong:

“Grouped with Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jurgen Klinsmann’s band is 1-1-1 and in third place. True, the defeat and draw came on the road, but expectations have risen to the point where American soccer should not have to use the location as an excuse against lesser foes.

‘No one expected it to go perfectly from Game One until the end,’ midfielder Michael Bradley said. ‘Obviously, it’s on us to make sure the response in every way is strong. I think – no, I know – you’ll see a group step on the field and do that.’”

I think my biggest disappointment with JK is that many of the “next wave” of young players (Green, Yedlin, Rubin) are fading into obscurity on their Klinsmann-approved European sides as we speak.

Matt Miazga is a bright spot I guess, but he needs to be preternaturally awesome to get a whiff of playing time at Chelsea.

Then again, what could he do to get young US talent to thrive in European leagues?

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