Trump Ruins Everything

How a Trump presidency would destabilize Asia, and South Korea in particular:

“Whatever choices are debated within Japan, other nations in Asia would be highly sensitive to a Japan untethered from the United States. A kaleidoscopic series of changes in attitudes in Seoul, Beijing, and Tokyo would result. It is too difficult to consider all possibilities, but South Koreans would be particularly anxious about Tokyo’s choices.

Should the US simultaneously end its longstanding alliances with both Japan and South Korea, as Trump has suggested, Northeast Asia would be transformed. Popular sentiments in both Japan and South Korea have become very sensitive to each other, and a potent cycle of reactive nationalism could result.

Seoul’s choices would feed into the Japanese debate. Seoul might see acquiring nuclear weapons as its only path forward for coping with a nuclear North Korea. Or it could seek greater accommodation with Beijing. A South Korea under the protection of China would strengthen Japanese calls for an autonomous military capability, including discussion of a nuclear option if Tokyo planners felt the Seoul-Beijing links were antagonistic to Japan.”

South Koreans really don’t like the idea of Japan having nukes either.

On the ground here in Daegu, my adult students who follow US politics really don’t like Trump, nor do they understand the love he gets from Republicans.  I just kind of shrug and mention that Hillary is really, probably, hopefully going to win.

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2 Responses to Trump Ruins Everything

  1. jonolan says:

    So, your concern is more for foreign nations and people than Americans? OK. Please don’t hurry back the US. We really don’t need any more traitors within our borders.

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