I had a lot to say about Game of Thrones last season, and less so now that we’ve gone “past” the G.R.R.M. source material.  There’s no more nitpicking of the books, or questioning decisions made by Weiss and Benioff in terms of how they’ve chosen to adapt the novels.

So, I think it’s pretty good so far with the notable exception of John Snow coming back to life.  Resurrection is the fantasy / comic book equivalent of time travel in sci-fi.  It’s a cheap gimmick.  And I’ll hold out some hope that there’s some form of consequence (is John now basically a White Walker in training?) but so far even Melisandre just seems to think it’s not that big of a deal, relatively speaking, aside from an initial gasp.

I guess I’m just grateful that the HBO series is moving somewhere, even with imperfections, in a way that the novels have completely stalled out.  If this means I’ll be happy to see whatever the series does at the risk of not really caring when or if G.R.R.M. finishes his last two novels, so be it.  The show now is for me, without any reservations, the canon of ASoIaF.

It’s been on for five years now.  And even if this is supposedly the golden age of television, that’s more than enough time to tell your damn story and get on with it.

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