Clown Show

My favorite part about the conservative “Obama created Trump” meme is the tacit admission that not only is BHO ten times smarter than any single member of the Republican party, but he has single-handedly destroyed the GOP by unleashing the racist combover on them.

The constant breakneck flip between weak-willed pussy and absolute dictator for life continues apace.  Maybe during Hillary’s second term they’ll have figured this curious black dude out once and for all.

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2 Responses to Clown Show

  1. jonolan says:

    For myself, I Hope Trump win it and don’t care how, including the well-placed use of the rooftop vote. Additionally, I hope he is or becomes exactly what your side believes him to be.

    I think that would send the right sort- and right level message to America’s domestic enemies and our foreign ones as well.

  2. 1banjo says:

    “Tacit admission”? It is so tacit only a bat can hear it. Obama, a malignant narcissist, is the worst president in modern history. It’s a toss of the coin which he has ruined more, the economy or our standing abroad. You’re in a bubble or an echo chamber or you have your head up that orifice the other side of your back pockets.

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