The Salt Is Real

I have a male adult student who I basically had to break off communications with.  It’s not the first time either.

Korea being a highly traditional culture undergoing major shifts in attitudes towards marriage, children, and sex, for various reasons, it’s not so surprising that a lot of my older students will ask my why I’m not married.  It’s annoying and highly judgmental, obviously, but it’s easy to understand why someone over, say, 50 would genuinely want to encourage you to start a family.

But this particular student just won’t shut up about it, and I told him I didn’t want to see him outside of class ever again.  It’s quite possible that he’ll quit the program which is fine by me (maybe not by my boss but so be it).

We were having drinks last weekend with some other adult students.  (They invite me out a lot and I usually don’t pay a thing, which is obviously very nice of them).  And again, he kept asking me these personal questions to the point where I looked him in the eye and said that if his marriage and kids are so great, why the fuck does he beg me to go out and get drunk with him every single weekend?

I ended up apologizing to the other students who were present and was relieved to hear that they also thought he was being a jerk.

And that’s all the drama in my life as of now.

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