We Welcome Our Go-Playing Overlords

A Google-built A.I. named AlphaGo just beat South Korean baduk champion (go in Japanese) Lee Se-dol in the first of five days of matches:

“The five-day battle is being seen as a major test of what scientists and engineers have achieved in the sphere of artificial intelligence.

Go is a 3,000-year old Chinese board game and is considered to be a lot more complex than chess where artificial intelligence scored its most famous victory to date when IBM’s Deep Blue beat grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

But experts say Go presents an entirely different challenge because of the game’s incomputable number of move options which means that the computer must be capable of human-like ‘intuition’ to prevail.”

Wiki on Deep Blue vs. Kasparov.

Stuff like this makes me wish I’d been less of a slouch on math and science in high school and college, if only to understand why baduk is more difficult to understand than Western chess.  (I mean, there’s only black and white pieces, right?)

But still, let’s show those nerds who’s the real boss Mr. Lee!  Four more matches to go!

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