More Bad News

There’s a crime wave going on in the Philippines aimed squarely at South Korean ex-pats:

“Of 34 Koreans who were murdered in the Philippines over the past three years, none were tourists. Some 33 of the murder victims were ‘Local Koreano,’ the Tagalog term for Koreans who live in the Philippines for business or retirement. The 34th victim was a 74-year-old man surnamed Hong who was kidnapped last year after visiting his son, who was residing in the Philippines.

According to the analysis, the ‘Local Koreanos’ lived in the Philippines for an average of 7.3 years. Their average age was 48.7 and they were mostly men. Some 64.7 percent, or 22 of these victims, were self-employed businessmen. The others included six unemployed individuals, two used car salesmen, two programmers, a foreign currency exchange businessman and a student.

Most of the cases occurred in Metro Manila, Cavite and Cebu, the country’s second most populous city.”

The article doesn’t mention that a lot of Koreans, young and adult, will travel to the country for English language camps for what amounts to longer-term study “vacations.”

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