Trump is going to win the GOP nomination, mathematically at least.  Who knows what strange voodoo will go down at the convention itself.

What’s almost as shocking as this plain fact is how he isn’t just winning, he’s annihilating his fellow occupants in the back of the GOP clown car.

Jeb Bush is done, politically.  It’s hard to see much of a future in Congress for Marco Rubio, having descended into dick-joke territory.  Chris Christie?  LOLOCAUST.

Ted Cruz is relatively unmarked because he had the foresight not to pick a fight with somebody who literally has no shame.

So yes, he’s breaking the Republican Party and I find that quite beautiful.  But he’s also serving as a sort of political anti-matter — Republicans who have attacked him haven’t just gotten a beat down, their future political prospects have just upped and vanished on the molecular level.

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  1. Tangela says:

    You’ve really imspesred me with that answer!

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