Annual Preparation For Heartbreak

The good news is that South Korean outfielder Kim Hyun-soo is now an Oriole, so I’ll actually be able to watch live broadcasts of his games come this spring.  (Korean networks will broadcast games featuring Korean players, so the Dodgers, Rangers, Pirates, and now the Birds will be shown here live.)

The bad news is that, well, he’s an Oriole.

And crucially, on the difference between Korea and the US for baseball:

“Do you think you have adjusted well to life here in the United States off the field?”

“I have a long way to go. Apparently, in the United States, female reporters are free to enter the locker room during clubhouse business hours. It was definitely a culture shock for me. I did not know this until recently when I found a female reporter in the locker room when I was about to change. I think I’m going to start changing my clothes in the bathroom from now on (laughing).”

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