Set To Vibrate

Gender inequality in South Korea is a serious issue for such a relatively prosperous country, but times are a changin’.  To wit, the first sex store aimed at women just opened up in Seoul:

“It is featuring festive ‘Merry Clitorismas’ gift boxes that contain vibrators and lingerie.

Traditionally, adult shops in South Korea are targeted towards men.

South Korea is a Confucian, male-dominated society that is undergoing a transition when it comes to gender roles. The pair said there is still a stigma when it comes to women’s sexual empowerment, or women talking about sex.

The country ranks 115th out of 145 in the World Economic Forum’s index of gender equality, and a massive beauty and plastic surgery industry tends to reinforce traditional perceptions of the feminine ideal.”

Sex shops are actually everywhere in South Korea, even in my sleepy suburb of a sleepy city, but as noted they’re aimed exclusively at men.  And they’re very much of the dingy, guys-in-trenchcoats variety.  So it’s nice to see women taking matters into their own hands when it comes to issues of sexual health and pleasure.

I wonder if they’ve opened an e-shop.  That would seem to be the logical next step in terms of Korean women who want to maintain their privacy.

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