Branch Stupidians

Amanda Marcotte on why the domestic terrorists in Oregon accomplished nothing beyond their own beclowning:

“This scattershot non-ideology of yelling ‘Constitution,’ ‘guns’ and ‘liberty’ a lot is the marker of today’s modern conservative populism, the kind that Donald Trump’s ascension is channeling into electoral fever. Their actual grievance is fury over the fact that white people, especially of the Christian and male variety, are watching their presumed superiority decline, but to say so out loud and bluntly— to admit out loud to racism— is to court political marginalization in our society.

So instead, all these code words and symbols and half-baked theories of government rise up to communicate these ideas without coming right out and saying it. It doesn’t really need to cohere as an ideology. The only thing that needs to be stated is that these folks feel oppressed, the world owes them something, and they believe they are martyrs because they’re not getting it.”

And again, one of the major problems facing America these days is the militarization of domestic law enforcement.  But the F.B.I. and state police acted with supreme patience, and only one suicide-by-cop was allowed to occur.  They deserve a lot of credit for that.

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