Year of the Monkey


And a happy Year of the Monkey to you.

I’m spending Lunar New Year in Busan doing nothing in particular.  My plan is to finally get around to book three of Jeff Vandermeer’s South Reach trilogy and to wake up at seven a.m. tomorrow morning to watch the Super Bowl live at a Local Cheesy Expat Bar (“LCEB TM”).

The naming convention for your LCEB of choice in South Korea is typically “Stupid Noun’s” or “Fake Irish First and Last Names.”  E.g., “Piranha’s,” “Paddy McColonoscopy’s,” “Chode’s,” or “Angus Tomfoolery’s.”  You get the picture.

But the Super Bowl is worth it.

Anyhow, I’m drinking tea in a Starbuck’s right now and shamelessly eavesdropping on a group of foreigners who seem to teach at a hagwon together.  Why they’re spending the Sunday morning of a three-day national holiday together I have no idea.  And they’re talking about work for fuck’s sake.

Get a life, noobs.  Just look at me — I’ll be morning drinking on a Monday come tomorrow because I’ve got style and class for miles.

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