I stand by my prediction that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency this November.  If it’s against Cruz or Trump, quite easily.  If it’s against Rubio, with a few more panic attacks thrown in but the result will be the same.

All I want to comment on is the truly strange phenomenon of why American politicians, win or lose, love to drag their families up on stage with them.

Maybe it’s because I’m single, but what’s the added value of having your picture taken with your spouse and children?  I mean, I love my family.  They’re very important to me.  But they’re not the ones running for higher office.

You just don’t get nearly as much of it in any other country.  I couldn’t tell you the name of David Cameron or Angela Merkel’s spouse.  I know Sarkozy was married to a model or something, but that’s because he’s a dirty, adulterous Frenchmen and not because of her initiatives on childhood literacy or exercise and nutrition.

I guess I’m answering my own question — the American First Lady is a unique position in Western or Western-style democracies.  I mean, I don’t lose sleep over it or anything but it’s kind of stupid.  But for FSM’s sake, leave the kids (even the grown ones) out of your shameless, naked grabs for power over others.

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