So Cold I Want To Hibernate Updates

Trip Shakespeare, “Snow Days”

It actually doesn’t snow that all much in lovely South Korea, and especially in Daegu because we’re surrounded by mountains (if that makes any sense).  But damn, it’s cold.

I have one more class with my adult students before my official winter vacation begins.  I’m staying in Korea for this one, but I’ll head to Busan for Lunar New Year.

NFL-wise at this point I’m rooting for whoever comes out on top between the Panthers and the Cardinals.  I actually love Cam Newton though, even though it’s getting to be more of an anyone-but-the-Patriots-again thing.  I’m not Petyon Manning’s biggest fan, but I’m honestly worried he’s one blind-side hit away from ending up in a wheelchair.

But if I was betting on this stuff I’d put all the chips on the Patriots.  Boo.  They’re like the Yankees just a little bit more evil.

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