Fuck Cancer

Kevin Drum is a good journalist who is fighting cancer, and he’s written a long but engaging piece about why assisted suicide is a basic human right:

“I don’t want to die. But if I have to, this is how I want it to happen. I don’t want a ‘suicide party,’ but neither do I want to suffer needlessly for months. Nor do I want to cause other people any more pain than I have to. I want to go out quietly, with my loved ones at my side.

When he signed California’s right-to-die bill, Gov. Brown attached a signing statement. ‘I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain,’ he wrote. ‘I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.’

Nor would I.”

To deny somebody the right to leave this world on his or her own terms is simple barbarism.

I promise I’ll post some kitten .gif’s in the near future, but as the son of a mom who died of cancer this piece meant a lot to me.  And of course, best wishes to Drum and his family.

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One Response to Fuck Cancer

  1. lynn k scott says:

    As the sister who watched her younger sister die of cancer, I can completely understand this. I would have been for this bill even before that. However, knowing what I know now, there’s no way anyone shouldn’t have a say if they are terminal and could forgo pain and suffering. Prayers for all.

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