Winter Is (Not) Coming

Axis of Awesome,  “Rage of Thrones”

Some friendly writerly advice to George R. R. Martin — give up trying to write the final two novels of A Song of Fire and Ice.

Either you’re genuinely trying to finish the books with diligent effort, which is noble but also unrealistic given how slowly you write these days.  Or perhaps more cynically, you’ve basically got nuthin’ for the final two books and have completely (and literally!) lost the plot of what should have stayed a tidy trilogy in the first place.

Because what’s happening now is a pretty twisted S/M cycle between you and your readership, where you angrily lash out at being chided for being so slow, then grovel pathetically when admitting that, indeed, there’s no way in hell you’ll ever finish the books before HBO finishes your source material.

People take TV pretty seriously these days.  Embrace the fact that you will go down as the inspiration for a pretty good series, not a great novelist.

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