The Politics of Kimchi

Not to be outdone by the capitalist pigs to the south, North Korea is getting its own “Red Kimchi” listed with Unesco’s “intangible cultural heritage” achievements:

“Pyongyang suffered a blow to its prestige two years ago when South Korea’s kimchi – a favourite dish made mostly from fermented cabbage – was added to Unesco’s prestigious list of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

Not to be outdone the north’s regime is now on the brink of getting the same classification for its own communist kimchi.

The fiery, often strong-smelling foodstuff can provoke equally strong emotions, with fierce rivalry between regions, communities and even families over whose kimchi is superior.”

Scooting around Daegu this time of year, kim-jang, or kimchi-making, is a pretty common sight.  And it’s not just families — a lot of churches and schools and civic groups will partake and donate the stinky delicious stuff to local charities as well.

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2 Responses to The Politics of Kimchi

  1. I can’t get enough Kimchi!

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