“Cowardly Bigots”

John Scalzi on the utter cowardice (moral and literal!) of Americans:

“’But people are scared!’ Okay, and? Being scared may be the excuse for abandoning all sense and reason in the moment one is actively under attack; it’s not even close to a reasonable excuse for, thousands of miles away from an attack and with no immediate threat on the horizon, vilifying innocent co-religionists of the attackers and plotting to slam the door on refugees running from the very people who claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. Taking the Paris attacks out on Syrian refugees is security theater — it doesn’t make us safer, it’ll just make the most ignorant among us feel safer. It’s the TSA of solutions to the Daesh/ISIS problem.

This has been a bad week for the United States, folks. France was directly attacked by terrorists and its response was to promise to house 30,000 Syrian refugees; we weren’t and one branch of our government fell over itself to put the brakes on accepting a third of that number. France is defying the very organization that attacked it while we, on the other hand, are doing exactly what that organization hoped we would do. We’re being the cowardly bigots they hoped we would be, and as loudly as possible.

Among the many lies Republicans have convinced themselves of over the years, my personal favorite is that they are all to a person genetically endowed super He-Men and -Women who, with their unlimited access to guns, are braver and stronger and more manly than everybody else.

Fact is, they’re a mewling pack of WATB who are, as Scalzi rightly notes, doing exactly what ISIS hoped they would do.

It’s the resilience on display in France after two nightmarish terror attacks that will ultimately defeat ISIS.  The American response so far is pretty much one of aiding and abetting the extremists.

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