“one endless tailgate”

Drew Magary spends some time with Guy Fieri.  Hilarity, of course, ensues:

“And if you’re looking for a metaphor of how the food-and-wine establishment views Guy Fieri, it’s hard to top a man who feeds dog shit to slow-moving animals and calls it foie gras.”

The heart of the matter:

“Meanwhile, Guy is making chicken, lobster tails, and a couple of vegetable dishes on another big outdoor grill. The man’s life is one endless tailgate. Fieri rarely dines out for pleasure. He prefers to cook at home or eat at his own restaurants (‘I love going to Tex Wasabi’s’). He is his own ideal customer—a man in love with his own middlebrow food.

Guy takes a pan filled with blanched asparagus and drops a HUGE chunk of brie in it. The most brie. All of the brie. And some bacon. You know, for flavor. Did I eat it? I did. Was it good? Of course it was. Is this transcendent food? No, but it wasn’t meant to be. Guy Fieri isn’t capable of making high-end cuisine and has zero interest in trying. That’s why he wanted Davis’s help in this wine venture: to help see and taste things in the wine that he personally cannot.”

Am I allowed to admit that this article kind of makes me like Guy Fieri, despite the objective fact that’s he’s a complete buffoon?

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