I’ll take over-reach by committed campus leftists (ZOMG PC POLICE!) over, ya know, actual KKK members and death threats any day.

This is yet another sphere of American life where the “both sides do it”-isms that our media is always wired for simply fall apart under closer inspection.

Are there people who are over-sensitive to racial issues on campuses today?  Possibly!  Are there actual people on campuses today who experience racism and sexism in their ugliest forms imaginable?  Definitely!

But when college students express their anxieties regarding a possible lack of respect they face due to their race or sex, we’re on the fast-train to PC thought police armageddon.

When some asshole actually flies a Confederate flag hey, boys will be boys and all that.  Not too mention racists chants, or the occasional hanging noose.  Nothing to see here.

Shorter version: Over-reaching campus activists tend to be annoying.  Actual racists with guns are absolutely terrifying.  And in a healthy democracy we have to learn to live with one of these groups, whether you like it or not.  We do not have to tolerate the other.

And another thing: University of Missouri students and a professor (!) harassing a photographer was really stupid.  But given that the subtext of much media coverage of Ferguson (and later Baltimore) was “look at these savage Negroes burning down their own buildings!” I can’t blame them too much.  Freedom of the Press is important, as is realizing that most American media institutions are deeply flawed and hell-bent on perpetuating myths of racial inferiority.

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