“someone died and someone married”

Velvet Underground, “New Age” from Loaded (1970)

Velvet Underground, “New Age” from 1969: The Velvet Underground Live

Loaded is getting the super deluxe reissue treatment and I won’t think that much less of you for picking it up.  But the fact is, nine times out of ten the live versions of all the songs on 1969 are far superior to anything they ever did in the studio.  (Maybe “Rock and Roll,” which sounds better on Loaded, but man, that sublime ending where the band comes back in together and “It was all right. . .” is pretty tough to beat.)

What can I say?  I like my VU piano-less and as raw as possible and with only Lou singing.  And frankly, the updated lyrics on Loaded are kind of stupid.  (Reed disavowed the studio versions of this song and “Sweet Jane,” so there, I’m right.)

That is all.  Now my lawn — please get off of it tout suite.

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